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The following SOPs should be followed for scholarships for poor, needy and talented students.
  1. Observing the Family’s Financial condition: A team of Shajri Welfare Trust Representatives (consisting of SWT executive, SWT General Members and Notables of the area) will visit the applicant. They will discuss his financial matters and will convince his family members for the scholarship program. There state should be evaluated for applicable donation types (i.e. General donation, Zakat or Sadqaat applicable).
  2. Family’s Detailed Income: Net income of family should be evaluated by asking and also by judgments.
  3. Student’s and Parent’s Interest: Student’s and parent’s interest towards education needs to be evaluated. Dull or least interested students cum family may better be refused. This will help us in discovering progressive students and SWT efforts may turn fruitful for the society.
  4. Student Progress Check: Educational record of student’s monthly tests, midterm exam and final exam must be obtained properly.
  5. Scholarship Scope: Scholarship will initially be confined for students up to Intermediate Level (Grade 12 or College level)
  6. Progress Evaluation: Evaluate student’s performance after 1 year. If the progress is not good then the funding should either be stopped or reduced. The objective is to improve the competition.
  7. Project Supervision: Dr Zahid Hameed will represent the family of Qazi Abdul Hameed sb, Syed Irfan Abbas Gardezi sb will represent the family of Syed Marfat Hussain Shah sb and Engr. Tahir Kayani will address the matters on SHAJRI Welfare Trust.
  8. Scholarship Cover: Scholarship will cover the school/college fees, Tuition/Coaching fees, Travelling fees, Notebooks/Books purchase, Uniform (Clothes,Shoes, Sweaters etc) and School Bags
  9. Funds Dedication: Following will be approximated expenditure of a student (per year) to be supported: Primary or Grade 5 (15,000 PKR / USD 150/ GBP 100), Middle+High School (or Grade 6 to 10) (22000 PKR / USD 220/ GBP 150), College (or Grade 12) (35000 PKR / USD 350/ GBP 235)