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Meeting for the Month of May 2015 will held in Shajri Academy Mughal on Sunday, 3rd May 2015. Agenda of meeting will be

  • Summary for Notebooks Distribution in Schools
  • Schools to be listed on Website along with the number of students benefited
  • Photographs of Notebooks project be added on website and social media for the awareness and happiness of donors.
  • Zakat raising target for 2015 plan (1 Million Rupees) to be discussed. Concept of Zakat be discussed and shared with public. Possible use of this fund will be made public through website.
  • Discussion on work for medical camps in rural areas.
  • Criterion for evaluation of schools efficiency be discussed. Also, a comprehensive report is to be discussed and formulated in meeting. This report will later be shared with the concerned education departments for betterment of education.