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SHAJRI Welfare Trust (SWT) is honored to pay the tribute to two great teachers of our society. They are Qazi Abdul Hameed sb and Syed Marfat Hussain Shah sb (May their souls rest in heavens).
The objective of this tribute is to aware the coming generations with the services of the two personalities. This will also motivate other teachers for playing their positive role in the society. Also, this concept will provide a chance for students of Qazi sb and Shah sb to donate for the escalation of their teachers’ souls and also replicate the actions of their great teachers.
Detailed Statement of Purpose (SOP) of this scholarship program will soon be made public on different forums.
Dr Zahid Hameed Qazi (son of Qazi Abdul Hameed sb) and Syed Ifran Hussain Gardezi sb (son of Syed Marfat Hussain Shah sb) will work as coordinators to this program. Engr Tahir Mehmood Kayani will manage the scholarship matters on SWT ‘s behalf.

May ALLAH Almighty guide us all, ameen.

SOPs of Shcolarship